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Our Value is delivering innovation

Inartis SA was founded in 2001, incorporating the software research company Adept Development, to create innovative technology and tools to help software development teams bring users new interactive experiences in both web and desktop applications.

Inartis SA is a pioneer in the development and distribution of technologies for 3D real-time visualization purely based on software. Nowadays these technologies, known as Kribi 3D, have quickly found their use in the development of a variety of applications.

The management team has brought together top information technology, mathematics, physics, 3d graphics and business experts who have built their knowledge on vast project experience.
Our history is our knowledge…
Adept development launched Kribi 3D Bench at the beginning of the year 2000, a project based on the first version of the pure software rendering engine Kribi 3D Engine. After more than nine years of investments in research and development, the second generation of Kribi 3D Engine 2.0 was completed in 2009, followed shortly by the integration of a plug-in for IExplorer and Firefox.

Adept Development was founded in Switzerland in 1990, specializing in the development of innovative tools within the industrial field. The first visual builder of interfaces for industrial applications was “CIB” (Common Interface Builder), and integrated with an “OMF Engine” (Object Manager Framework), a relational platform to manage objects and behaviours. The CIB platform acquires the 3D process simulation functionality thanks to the first version of the “Kribi 3D Engine”, a totally software based rendering engine.

Adept Development was a major contributor to the Commodore Amiga at the beginning of the 90s, leading the production of software and audio peripherals for both the consumer and the professional markets. Some of its most successful products have been: Real Time Sound Processor, the first software which transformed the home computer into a real time audio effect machine; Digital Studio, software for sampling and multi-track sequencing; and Deluxe Music and Deluxe Midi, a co-branding endeavor with Commodore which provided peripherals for audio acquisition with more than 1,000,000 copies distributed around the world.

The first Audio card with DSP and 16 Bit codec for Amiga with a real time audio operating system "Amiga Sound OS" was presented in collaboration with Analog Devices in 1994. It introduced the concept of drivers and plug & play for audio peripherals.

At the end of the Amiga era the real time interactive 3D graphic design software “Dream On 3D” for Windows was made available to the market.
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