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The easy-to-use authoring tool enabling users with no 3D know-how to create content quickly.

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What is Kribi 3D Designer ?
Kribi 3D Designer is the easy-to-use authoring tool for building interactive 3D content for developing applications that take advantage of Kribi 3D Player. Kribi 3D Designer is fully integrated with the Kribi 3D Engine, and provides access to all the features of the API, allowing immediately to assess the assembly and the property settings of the various assets in order to have a real representation of the look of the content.
Why use Kribi 3D Designer ?
Import assets from the major file formats and your favorite 3D authoring tools like Max, Maya, Lighwave etc.
Intuitive visual interface enable users with no 3D expertise to create 3D content quickly and easily. Add or edit any object, material, light, create powerful objet assembly behavior with just few mouse clicks.
Deploy any Kribi 3D project to a Web page in seconds, and easy coding application using JavaScript scripting language, accessing all the Kribi 3D Player capabilities.
Kribi Player Resources

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Kribi Player Release Notes

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Kribi Player Kribi 3D Designer 2.0

The complete authoring tool for building interactive 3D content.

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Kribi 3D Designer 2.0 main features

Element Explorer: organize, edit and create assets with interactive previews and easily use them in projects in projects

Just import source assets into the project and dropping them into the view. Built-in support for importing meshes, mapping coordinates, animation data, smoothing groups, materials, and bitmaps from industry-standard file formats. Load and edit huge 3D environments composed of many sub-levels.

Flexible and Easy interactive building tools for creating and editing 3D contents

A full suite of interactive intuitive tools to quickly and accurately create and edit 3D environments for your applications.
Move, rotate and resize Objects interactively with simple mouse clicks.

The Object Manager Framework allows for setting rules and objects behavior and how they react when some actions are performed

Manages the interaction between the user and the objects when complex interactive assemblies are created; for example, during the drag and drop of an object in the View or during the handling of an object, when moving it or snapping it with other objects.

The integrated materials and surfaces editors with real-time preview to quickly get the right look

A wide range of properties to create all types of materials to simulate matte surface, gloss, glass, plastic, metal. To enhance the realism of the objects by applying texture mapping to create reflective surfaces, wrinkled and effects such as wood, stone and fabrics. Material Explorer with support for drag and drop assignement.

Easily set the lighting of objects with mouse click to focus the spotlights

Work lightning easily allows for realizing the lighting of the scene for most commercial applications. Realistic lightning provides the basis for a powerful lighting system with various types of light and shadow calculation, spotlights with adjusting color, density of the shadows, brightness, light beam aperture and falloff, and other properties.

Deploy any Kribi 3D project to a Web page in seconds

A rich flexible and intuitive client-side API which allows easy and flexible use in a wide range of application scenarios. Direct access to all the scene and model properties and elements, you can attach javascript code to a number of client side events fired by the player.
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