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API Interface
last update: 26 june 2011
Kribi 3D Player APIs (Application Programming Interface) let you bring the Kribi 3D Player experience to your webpage and web application. The Player APIs let you control the Kribi 3D Player using JavaScript.

The goal of the API Design is to Do everything with the ultra thin Do/Tell interface (pass only ASCII text strings).

The advantages are in the simplify notation and in their ease of understanding for newbies.
Command DO():
Return value: 
To get familiar with the behavior of some API commands, follow the next step by step example :

Type command in the DO text box, then press the Send button to execute it in the Kribi 3D Player.
Moving around the camera
With a few mouse clicks you can reach any part of the cube by moving around the camera.
1) Issue the command:
ToolsPreferences OrbitMode ObjectCenter
  2) Followed by the command: 
Tool SetCurrent 'CameraOrbit'
  3) Left click on any point on the Cube in the View;
  4) Perform the Camera Orbit action while holding the left mouse button.

Following mouse movements the camera  moves around while remaining focused on the chosen spot on the cube.   
Rotate and Sizing the blu cube manually
  1) Send the command:
Instance['Cube_1'] Orientation 45,45,45
  2) You can change the size of the blu cube by sending the command:
Instance['Cube_1'] Size 1.4
Change the color of the cube
  1) Setting the RGB value using the command:
Color['Blu'] RGB 1,0,0

Replace value with any RGB range between 0 to 1.
Select and rotate interactively a cube
  With a few mouse clicks you can interactively select and rotate any single cubes in the scene.
  1) Send the command:
Tool SetCurrent 'InstanceRotate'
  2) Left click on any cubes in the View in order to select it;
  3) Perform the Instance Rotate Horizontal action while holding the left mouse button.

Following mouse movements the cube rotates left/right, Up/Down on itself.  
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