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Kribi 3D Player Getting Started
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Add Plug-In to a Web Page
last update: 26 june 2011
The Kribi3DPlayer.js file provides JavaScript helper functions for embedding the Kribi 3D Player plug-in in your Web page and for customizing the Kribi 3D Player installation process with all supported browsers.
Kribi3DPlayer.js depends on browser implementation that can change between Kribi 3D Player releases. For this reason, if you choose to use Kribi3DPlayer.js, you should periodically check for an updated version from the Kribi3DPlayer.js page.
To create a plug-in instance our web page will need to include the Kribi3DPlayer.js helper file. Kribi3DPlayer.js is included by using a <script> tag within the page’s <head> tag.
   language="JavaScript" src="Kribi3DPlayer.js" type="text/javascript">
The following procedure shows how to use Javascript functions to embed  the Kribi 3D Plug-in to a webpage, and how to specify the configuration settings. You should use the CreateKribi3DPlayer function to create a Kribi 3D plug-in object inside your Web Page:
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
, Width, Height, "Version", "Tell_Message";
The first parameter specifies the HTML DOM ID of the generated plug-in object in the Web Page.  ID is a name that enables you to specify a unique  identifier for each plug-in that you embed. This is useful when embedding multiple plug-in instances in a single web page, and to identify to which plug-in a command is sent.

The width and height properties specify the plug-in window size, in pixels.

The version property indicates the minimum version of Kribi 3D Player your Web Page requires. Users who do not have the required version installed will be shown the default installation image. 

The fifth parameter specifies the name of a called function of an array of event handlers. For example, the message Ready  is sent when the Kribi 3D Player is ready to receive commands.
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