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Kribi 3D Player Api's Feature Lab
  • Interactive Tools
    • Camera Orbit
    • Camera Walk
    • Camera Rotate
    • Camera Move
    • Camera Zooming
    • Camera Clipping Plane
    • Object Move
    • Object Rotate
    • Object Sizing
  • Camera
  • Object
  • Instance Object
  • Experiencing Script
  • View
  • Background
  • Rendering
  • Colors
  • Pictures
  • Materials
  • Lighting
  • Animation
  • Polygonal Modeling
Kribi 3D Feature Lab enables you to interactively experience and evaluate the newest and most expressive features and capabilities of Kribi 3D Player on-line.  

The Kribi 3D Feature Lab is an excellent reference guide of JavaScript API functions, each example coming with a step-by-step tutorial and the commented source code.  

The Inartis development Team is constantly committed to getting better and adding more examples in the Kribi 3D Feature Lab.  

Get involved! Join us if you would like to receive regular updates. Register now !
  Interactive Tools
Interactive Tools
More than 40 Interactive Tools allow you to interact easily with the scene with simple movements and mouse clicks, such as for example change the Camera view, walk in the scene videogame-style, move and edit objects, materials and lights ...
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  Free Walk tools
Object Sizing
Camera Tool
Camera is essential for displaying your application in the Player. Like a real Camera, it can be moved all around objects, it can be moved and rotated to change the view. Each camera property can be controlled directly by mouse clicks or by script.
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  Camera Orbit
Camera Rotate
Camera Move
The Object Manager Framework (OMF) Engine integrated in Kribi 3D manages the interaction between the user and the objects when complex interactive assemblies are created; for example during the drag & drop of an object in the View or during the handling of an object, when moving it or snapping it with other objects.
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  Drag and Drop Object
Move Instance Object
Object Edit
Kribi 3D Renderer
The renderer is the most critical part of any 3D real time application. It is in charge of all the computations required to produce the displayed view. Kribi 3D rendering engine is based on pure software Kribi 3D Engine, which allows you to have control over every component of the rendering such as lights, shadows, reflections, materials.
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  Shading commands
Antialising commands
Materials and Maps
Change easily the material to an object by means of simple Drag & Drop actions in an interactive way from a HTML catalog. Materials are useful to improve the look and the realism of an object, such as creating wood, clear glass, textiles, plastics ... There are many properties that define a material and all of them can be set by script from the realized application.
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  Drag and Drop Materials
Texture Mapping
Bump Map
Lighting adds atmosphere and ambience to the scene. Use lights to illuminate objects in the scenes in order to create the desired visual effects. There are different types of lights and each of them performs different effects: you can use them to simulate either the sun, a reading lamp or spotlights, just to name a few.

You can set light parameters to create specific applications with lights.
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  Realistic Lighting
Light Source
Fog Effect

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