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Kribi 3D Player Test Page

Kribi 3D Player installation Test



When you see properly the example of Cubes Test 3D here below, your installation of Kribi 3D Player is successfully completed.

Wireframe Solid Textured Realistic   DefaultView
Follow the next steps to get started with this basic interactive Cube experience:
  Move around the Camera

1) Left Click on any point on the black background of the Player View;
2) Perform the Camera action while holding the left mouse button. Following mouse movements the camera moves around the cubes.   
Rotate single Cube

1) Left Click on the Cube you want to rotate;
2) Perform the Rotate action while holding the left mouse button, following mouse movements the cube rotates on itself.
  Reset Cubes position

1) Click on any single cube to reset it to default position.
For further interactive examples visit the Kribi 3D Player Feature Lab >>
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