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Kribi 3D
Get Kribi 3D Player System Requirements Plug-In Test EULA

Kribi 3D Player installer

Kribi 3D Player v 3.14  Standalone .exe installer
For Mozilla Firefox®, Google Chrome®, Opera®, Safari®

4.36 MB

By downloading and using the Kribi 3D Player, you agree to the terms of End User License Agreement.

Installing the Kribi 3D Player Plug-in

1) Installation of Kribi 3D Player may require administrative access to your PC.
2) Click the Download Now button. A dialog box will appear asking you where to save the Installer.
3) Save the Installer to your desktop, and wait for it to download completely.
4) An Installer icon will appear on your desktop. Double-click on it.
You may be prompted to close open browser windows to continue with the installation.
5) You can verify the version you have installed by visiting the Kribi 3D Player Plug-In Test Page.

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