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We strive to help you maximize the rich functionality of our products. The Inartis Systems team is dedicated to enriching its support resources with a constantly-updated cache of technical documentation, functional examples, pieces of code, and much more.

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  Feature Lab
Feature Lab Kribi 3D Feature Lab enables you to interactively experience and evaluate the newest and most expressive features and capabilities of Kribi 3D Player on-line.
All examples provide a complete step by step tutorial and the commented source code. Enter the Feature Lab »
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  Light Source
Material Drag and Drop
Camera Walk
Object Drag and Drop
  Getting Started
Getting Started These quick starts focus on the basics of creating Kribi 3D Player applications using Javascript, and give you step by step information on how to embed the Kribi 3D Player plug-in in your web page, load a 3D model, and show you how to write code needed to add interactive tools, commands and set properties. Getting Started »
The Kribi3DPlayer.js file provides JavaScript helper functions for embedding the Kribi 3D Player plug-in in your Web page.
In order to support Kribi 3D Player based applications, your Web server must be configured to associate the .kmo file name extension with the MIME type "application/kribi3dplayer-app".
  Basic Concepts
Basic Concepts There are a few essential concepts that will be useful to improve your projects. Understanding the 3D environment and the variety of options to view, move inside  3D space, and modify any model and object elements found within.
Basic Concepts »
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  Model and Elements
  Api's References
Api References This guide provides a brief introduction to the core Kribi 3D Player 3.0 Application Programming Interface (Api’s) commands and syntax, and the complete documentation and API reference for the classes, operations, controls and properties supported by the 3D Kribi Player runtime environment.
Api's References »
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  API Interface
API Syntax
Interactive Tools
Kribi Player Kribi 3D Player Plug-in

Free lightweight plug-in for enhancing the Web-based Applications with engaging 3D interactive functions.
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Kribi Player Standalone Plug-in Installer

You can download the standalone .exe installer to troubleshoot plug-in installation problems on Mozilla FireFox® or Google Chrome®. Download Now »

Kribi Player Plug-in Test page

Run an instant check to see if you're up to date with the latest Kribi 3D Player web
plug-in. Test Page »

Kribi Player Release Notes

What are the new added features, fixed bugs, and enhancements in the latest releases. Last Release »

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Basic Concepts
Getting Started
Api's References
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