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Create interactive 3D Web Applications
far beyond any browser experience

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The Kribi 3D Player plug-in is available for Microsoft Internet Explorer 32/64-bit Edition, Firefox and Google Chrome.

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Kribi 3D Player v.3.14

What is Kribi 3D Player ?
Kribi 3D Player is a free plug-in powered by the Kribi 3D Engine that guarantees the compatibility with most browsers and hardware platforms across the Web. Kribi 3D Player is a powerful development platform for enhancing the Web-based and desktop applications with 3D interactive functions, for a wide range of application scenarios that the Users require in the Business and Industry.
Why use Kribi 3D Player ?
Engage Users longer with fabulous interactive visual tools, high-quality realism and graphics.
Grow productivity; highlight your business, and your applications by means of innovative technologies and a new way to present your products, service and data management.
Create applications quickly with standard market development tools.
Implement 3D functions in the projects and upgrade the existing ones without any specific knowledge of math and geometry.
Kribi Player Feature Lab

Kribi 3D Feature Lab enables you to experience and to value on-line the newest and most expressive features of Kribi 3D Player.
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Kribi Player Resources

Constantly-updated cache of technical documentation, functional examples, pieces of code, and much more ...
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Kribi Player Api's References

The complete documentation and API reference for the classes, operations, controls and properties ...
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Kribi 3D Player 3.0 main features

Fast and realistic rendering of scenes of an ultra wide range of complexity

We want it best in class for models made of hundreds of polygons to multi billions of polygons and thousands of light sources. Best possible CPU Scalability with increased clock rate and number of processors in a system.

Superior image quality

Excellent results are guaranteed in the most complex scenes thanks to an advanced 3D Antialiasing and smoothing algorithm.
Very sharp and clear images, even small and distant objects are rendered with precision, while low-resolution textures are enhanced.


A rich and intuitive programming APIs

High-level programming interface that facilitates the use of 3D interactive rendering in a wide range of application scenarios, with no particular knowledge in 3D geometry. Direct access to all element properties of the 3D environment. Kribi 3D Player integrates seamlessly with JavaScript codes and Ajax Client/Server events.

An immersive virtual reality experience

A complete set of navigation tools allow you to move around and within a model using the mouse like in a video game. You can define limited walking areas of movement, avoid obstacles and manage the camera movements, going up and down through floors.

Drag and Drop Support
of Materials and Objects

Drag and Drop HTML elements directly into a 3D scene with simple clicks, and create easily interactive web catalogs. The event handler is able to identify the location of 3D objects dropped in the scene, and allows the execution of specific actions.

Large format images rendering at highest quality in seconds

Rendering of single images in few seconds, up to 400 megapixels, with calculation of the high quality Antialising also on entry-level PC. Saving on the clipboard or on your local PC disk in various formats.

Complex data structures
of nearly unlimited dimensions

Support for very complex scenes of nearly unlimited complexity and size, even with a number of polygons over 100 million, with hundreds of light sources and materials. State of the art support for advanced description of the 3D models with hierarchical scene structure with objects and multilevel Instance.

Advanced manager
of Interactive objects
and behaviors

The Object Manager Framework OMF integrated to Kribi 3D Player manages the rules and behaviors of interaction between users, objects and each element, when you create complex interactive assemblies. For example, on Drag and Drop of an object in the scene, the release can be controlled and associated with a specific behavior based on preset rules.

Very Compact File Format and Asynchronous download

Asynchronous loading of the elements in the background, while the rendering is running, without blocking the Web browser.

Advanced support
for lights and shadows

Full control over light sources colour, diffusion, attenuation and softening. Advanced shadow casting with real face projections including transparent faces.

Stereoscopic Support

The stereoscopic mode switches on and off easily: two slightly different versions of a particular image for each eye, seen through the special stereoscopic glasses, enhances the illusion of depth of the 3D scene.

Live Video content Integration

Easy integration of video content in 3D scenes, mapping videos on the surfaces of objects, on the scene background, or use videos as a Reflection Map and Bump Map for the materials. Support for H.264 and MPEG video formats.
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