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Kribi 3D
The Interactive 3D Rendering Technology for your Web and Desktop Applications
Kribi 3D is the most powerful development platform for enhancing the Web-based and Desktop applications with 3D interactive rendering technologies, for a wide range of application scenarios that the Users require in the Business and Industry.
Fast and realistic rendering
Superior image quality
Rich and intuitive
programming APIs
Immersive virtual reality tools
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  • Shelf Retail Planner
    Planogram Builder® is a Web based application for organizing products and retail shelves that take advantage of Kribi 3D Technologies, developed by Zvisuel® and used worldwide by Logitech®, P&G®, and mores.
  • Product Configurator
    @Touch® manufacture Multimedia Totem, is the e-commerce application that allows users to customize their totem by choosing different components, uploading the company logo, choosing materials and finally processing the order
  • Packaging Printing On-line Preview
    Scatolexpress® is an e-commerce web site that allows users uploading images, previewing the final package design, taking high resolution snapshots, and sending the final printing orders
  • Sofa Textile Simulator
    The Italian textile manufacturer Promitess® Web Site is designed to help buyers matching textile and flooring with interactive 3D rendering and high quality texturing details.
  • Building Intelligence
    Oil & Gas Installations Supervising Systems helps rig operators to spot and identify problems more quickly using interactive 3D representation even for huge installations.

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Kribi 3D Player 3.0 API's
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3D Rendering Engine



Easy Authoring Tool



Run Time plug-in

     Kribi 3D Engine 3.0
  Scalable CPU for fast and realistic rendering of scenes of an ultra-wide range of complexity. Run 100% on CPU, no GPU required.
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     Kribi 3D Designer 2.0
  The easy-to-use authoring tool that enable users with no 3D expertise to create interactive 3D content for developing applications that take advantage of Kribi 3D Player.
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     Kribi 3D Player 3.0
  Free lightweight plug-in for enhancing the Web-based and Desktop Applications with engaging 3D interactive functions.
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Kribi 3D
Standard Edition
For building 3D product advertising, interactive catalogs and immersive walkthrough Web Sites.
€ 350,00
Kribi 3D
 Professional Edition
For developing full featured 3D Web and Desktop Applications.
€ 850,00 
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